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lylas lylas is a Nashville based song ensemble revolving around the compositions of singer Kyle Hamlett. For over 10 years, lylas has been weaving it's weird web of finger plucked musings, beat driven drone poems, and ghostly textures into a cohesive musical fabric.

sugar sk*-*lls

sugar sk*-*lls ecstatic explorations in dream time

thelma and the sleaze

thelma & the sleaze 'nuff said.

dogs of oz

dogs of oz Dogs of Oz's groove is laid out by the simply unmistakable Zach Butler smacking out a beat on Drums. Keeping the rhythm tight and the sound loud is Davis Haley on Bass and Vocals. An accomplished guitarist in his own right, when Davis is given a chance to drive the Bass the question begged to be asked is, "who needs a lead guitar anyway?" Rounding out this power trio is Greyson Anderson on lead vocals and Rhythm Guitar. The band has made several transformations over the years - Orig


financier Tom Tye Seth Currently under siege

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